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Humidifier Air Pure

Air Pure Pure Humidifier White
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Air Pure Pure Humidifier White Air Pure Pure Humidifier White Air Pure Pure Humidifier White Air Pure Pure Humidifier White
Humidifier Air Pure

ID: 105919514 | SKU: 1000095243

The new Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier provides you with clean air, healthier environment and superb comfort. Now you can finally say goodbye to waking up with stuffy sinuses, bloody nose, cracked lips and dry skin.

Humidifier Air Pure
1 499,00 ΓPΗ

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Improve your comfort and health

Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier can make a big difference in how you look and feel by adding moisture to your room. The relative humidity of the air has a significant impact on how comfortable we feel in our home. Dry air can make us prone to discomforts such as dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody nose, dry cough or cracked lips.

This ultrasonic air humidifier with LED light has an ultra-quiet design; due to its integrated body design for noise suppression, you can enjoy your peace and quiet at all times. Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier is easy to carry around so you can use it in any room of your home, and has a touchable control system with moisture control settings for easy and intuitive use.

Higher humidity improves your quality of life

The Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier is an innovative solution that increases humidity in a single room or in the entire home for the perfect indoor comfort. This doesn’t only improve your wellbeing, but can also have an important effect on your overall health.

For optimal indoor comfort and health, a relative humidity of about 45% is ideal, and Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier can help you achieve that and consequently improve your health. Humidity acts as a natural moisturizing agent that can help in relieving various health discomforts. Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier also helps with easier breathing when you or your kids have a cold.

Enjoy a warm feeling in your home

Low humidity can make the air feel colder than it actually is, so your home will feel warmer with Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier. Dry air can also dry out the wood in the walls and floors of our houses. As the drying wood shrinks, it can cause creaks in floors and cracks in drywall and plaster, and the Dormeo Air Pure Humidifier can effectively put a stop to this process.

10 причин чтобы купить увлажнитель воздуха Dormeo Air Pure: Предотвращает болезнь Смягчает кожу рук Защищает мебель Предотвращает симптомы простуды Увлажняет вашу кожу Создает тепло Уменьшает храп Контроль статического электричества Уменьшает поражение электрическим током Увлажняет растения
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